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Are you exhausted, feeling tired
and stressed out?

Permanent stress can lead to severe diseases and can have negative effect on your life and vitality.
When the production of energy in our body and mind reaches its limit, the hormonal regulation, metabolism and the immune system can skip out of balance. This process is accompanied by a permanent state of inflammation in your body.
If this alarm condition is constant, the management of your professional and private life becomes increasingly impossible. A burnout syndrome can gradually develop.
This development is mentally affected by stress inducing beliefs and burdening inner values. But a constant pressure at work also leads to permanent inner tension.

The 2012 stress report shows impressively that 43% of all Germans feel stressed by their daily work life. Psychosocial illnesses, especially burnout syndrome, have increased by 60% since 2000.
Early diagnosis and treatment of stress-related diseases have become inevitable for the prevention of severe illness. The aim of this therapy is to learn how to handle the daily burdens and to lead a fulfilling life in balance.

“You go ahead”, says the soul to the body
“Okay”, says the body – “I will become sick, so he (the soul) will have time for me!”
(Cited from Goethe’s Faust)

Concept: A life in balance

Medical stress management

We offer you a successful strategy to channel stress symptoms or an early burnout process into the direction of energetic balance and powerful health. In order to promote regeneration of your mental and physical resources, we support you with our medical know-how and the empathy of our team. Equally we make use of your own intuitive knowledge to reach new strength, energetic vitality and clarity of thought.
Because you are the authority of your goals and of your appropriate steps to reach them. For stress as well as health begins in the mind, as has been scientifically validated by modern neurobiology.

Holistic stress management based on the bio-psycho-social fundaments of modern stress research and is consists of three elements:

Achieving physical balance
Physical strength can be improved drastically by effective relaxation methods, naturopathic strategies from the field of orthomolecular medicine or bio-identical hormone therapy as well as stress reduction by movement.

Reducing your burden
By this we train the ability to go the way from “being captured in one’s own problems” toward achieving effective solution strategies. Part of this is a good organization and time management as well as eliminating external psychosocial stress factors.

Change your mental-emotional programming
High demands on oneself, the opinions of others or an all-powerful inner critic can put you under pressure. Your personal stress-inducing beliefs, attitude and assessments are analyzed and adjusted step by step. There are several ways to react to the same given situation. Mental Coaching improves your mental toughness and protects you from symptoms of stress.

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